Thursday, April 27, 2006

Of Light and Shadow

When I first conceived this blog, I envisioned a repository for all my artistic inclinations, a virtual storehouse filled with brilliant poetry, elegant prose, sublime photography and splendid drawings -– and perhaps a dabble in fiction or two -– all in keeping with the spirit of plein air painting, my inspiration in both life and art.

Who knew the Teenager would provide such fertile fodder? Or my own foibles, such grand entertainment for my friends?

As I sit here this fine Thursday evening, editing my pastel drawings for posting, I cannot help but ponder the dim possibility of reconciling the vast cultural gulf between "“Red Roses #2"” and "The Nuclear Family Goes Skiing."”

This blog has clearly evolved beyond its original scope, as the talented Katherine Tyrell so kindly worded her comments.

Therefore, I am pleased to announce of light and shadow, an art blog of drawing, maybe some painting and photography, and perhaps the occasional poem or two. The author is the same, as is the intent, and while the result may appear as two entirely separate universes, I hope that you will embrace my split creativity with me.

Thank you all for your inspiration, your comments and, most of all, your friendship!




Plantation said...

Good luck with the new blog. You've got talent :-)

Making A Mark said...

Love to cloud painting Elizabeth - and so nice to hear about the new blog! :D