Saturday, January 27, 2007

Striving for Perfection

The Suns made history last night by beating Milwaukee 98-90 to extend their winning streak a franchise-record 16 games and tie the 10th longest streak in NBA history. Their 11-0 record against the East is the best for the West since the Utah Jazz 1994-95 season. Marion's 23 rebounds were one off his career high, and Raja Bell hit seven three-point shots for a game high of 27 points.

But there was no champagne in the Suns locker room.

"There's no rings for streaks," said Steve Nash to Associated Press reporter Colin Fly. "We've had a tendency to really take people lightly and not be as focused as we need to be, and I think you saw that again from us tonight."

The Suns took the day off before their game against Milwaukee. It showed in their disjointed play. But they made history. And, ya gotta love a team that can win ugly.

So, the question of the day: Is good, or for that matter great, ever good enough?

Photo of Raja Bell by Gary Dineen/NBAE photos

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