Monday, April 30, 2007

The Spirit of Andy Devine

Something else happened while I was napping. Something so totally cool, that it deserves its very own blog post.

My friend Bob Ryan launched his MySpace page.

For years--in between working full-time and raising a family and staging theatrical productions and serving at his church and forming the Ernest Borgnine Musical Appreciation Society--Bob created a collection of Americana/Roots music. He finally gathered them all, found a great producer and published a CD, The Spirit of Andy Devine. You can hear a taste of his tunes on his MySpace page.

So do something good for your soul. Pay Bob a visit and enjoy his music at


mai wen said...

Hey dear BFF! Left you a present from over seas on my blog for you!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Well thanks for the plug here. "... something good for your soul." I hope it stands up to that!

you can also hear all the tracks at