Friday, March 21, 2008

On Tipping Points and Modern Life

How easy for us to ride the rollercoaster of e-mails, emergencies, meetings, urgent projects, administrative details, needs and obligations that pour into our daily lives both at home and at work. We think we are accomplishing so much.

But are we? Really? Or are we just going around in circles?

Every day I talk to people who, when asked how they are, lower their eyes and shake their heads and mumble, “Busy. Just so busy.”

What are we doing to ourselves?

As an example, many of us start blogging from our hearts, develop a following, then burn out and either enter a long hiatus, or drop our blogs altogether. Sound familiar?

Yeah. Pretty obvious that I’ve gone there, too.

In my case, I launched with high expectations. I read someplace that bloggers should blog two to three times a week and post comments all over the blogosphere. And I believed it. So I did. Until blogging became a chore and no longer a cozy place to share stories, philosophies and inspirations with like-minded souls.

I’ve met many amazing people through blogging and plan to continue, but not at the same level as before.

Anil describes the joy of discovery found in journaling, writing and blogging, “…certain threads that lie in the subconcious might actually untangle themselves and unveil the 'unknown' or provide for a fresh train of thought.”

If you visit Anil’s blogs (he has a both a photo and writing blog) you’ll see his philosophy in action. Sometimes he posts photos or entries several times a week; sometimes there are hiatuses. But Anil always leaves sparkling gems behind—colorful words and images that can inspire new dreams and ideas, or simply lift spirits with their beauty.

It’s time to say, “Enough.” It’s time to recognize how much better we can be by accomplishing a lot with a little, instead of trying so hard to do a lot with less than we have.

Thank you, Anil, for your inspiration.


Plantation said...

Couldn't have said it better myself.

Elizabeth Krecker said...

You're there, too, aren't you Plantation. How interesting that we both arrived at the same spot at the same time.

I wish you well on your journey. If you need inspiration, see Nightwriter's comment on my post "The Book" below.


Anil P said...

Thank you for your impressions about my blog. It encourages me to know of the difference it can make, and is a pleasure to know you enjoy reading it.

As for blogging, like you said, I believe it is important to write not just when we have something to say but when you enjoy saying it, that way there is a certain freshness to the whole effort even if the effort spans several years of doing it.

Thank you.

mai wen said...

Ah, so true. I've struggled with keeping up with my blog at times and then I feel guilty for the loyal readers (all six of them, I'm sure!) Also I worry I'll lose all my great blogosphere friends who I've made if I hiatus for too long, which would make me very sad.

At times it feels like a chore, but then when I get back into it I remember why I started it and I really do enjoy it all over again. I just need to find a way to better use my time so I can do what I want more instead of wasting that time in front of the death tube.

mai wen said...

P.S. It's great to hear from you whenever you feel like blogging, but no pressure! Blog at your own free will. :)

Jamie Ford said...

It's easy to let blogging, stuff online, or even television blot out your real writing time. Spend time on the writing that matters most to you. We'll still be here.